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Corfu, GreeceTom was born in 1938 on the island of Corfu, Greece born into the bee hive business. Las VegasIn 1971 Tom arrived in Las Vegas and set his sights on his dreams and aspirations. Tom's Bee HivesLearn more about Tom and his wonderful relationship with honey bees.

About Tom's Bee Hives

Corfu, Greece

Meet Tom Lioubas, a Greek immigrant who came to America with a will to work and a passion to succeed. “I dreamed about the opportunities and loved America before I ever came here,” said Tom with a smile. The oldest of four children, Tom was born in 1938 on the picturesque island of Corfu to family generations in the bee hive business. In 1951 as a young boy, he enrolled in a technical high school perusing another passion, the carpentry trade. He soon became a master carpenter and a foreman superintendent.

Known for their craft in the industry, in 1962 Tom and his family were exclusively commissioned to build beehives for the Greek Agricultural Department. It was a big success! After his discharge from the Greek Special Forces, Tom remained active in the family business while opening and operating a fine cabinetry shop for several years. Upon his departure for America, he left the business to his younger brother.

Tom Arrives In Las Vegas

Las Vegas

In 1971 Tom arrived in Las Vegas and set his sights on his dreams and aspirations. His carpentry skills and craftsmanship were quickly noticed and he was soon working as a union carpenter. By 1976 hard work and perseverance earned Tom his General Contractor’s license. For over 30 years he has built quality commercial and residential projects throughout the Las Vegas valley. He cultivated many life-long relationships in the community, both personal and professional. Always eager to help anyone setting out to undertake a business venture, he lends his advice and support to all and is loved and well respected. In 1983 Tom received a great honor and was published in the Las Vegas Review Journal as a top rated entrepreneur. He has weathered the economy through it's depressions and prospered with it's booms.

The Future Of Tom's Bee Hives

bee hive

Tom has had an interesting journey that is far from over. After all his successes he still remains humble. While most would retire in comfort, his restless Greek spirit keeps him enthusiastic, driven, and ready for the next adventure.

Once again he has embraced his beloved family tradition, building quality beehives. In Tom’s words, “I love what I do and I want to share my passion with everyone!” He invites you to see his work and looks forward to doing business with you.

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Our custom built beehives are made from 100% pine wood. The quality craftsmanship that goes into the construction of the hives is second to none.

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